Donate to Technology

The world is a fast paced, rapidly changing place and at St Jude's we want our pupils to be ready for the wide world they face. Technology has changed tremendously, it seems like you only have to blink and suddenly there is a new app, gif, meme or other acronym taking over.

Technology plays such a vital part in pupils' lives; it aids them with their homework, keeps them entertained for hours, they play with it, learn from it and sometimes still get things wrong in it, but technology and the focus on computing, coding and digital literacy is stronger than ever.

We think every pupil deserves to be exposed to the very best technology possible and would like to be able to replace some of the older school technology. Much like buying a car straight from the forecourt, the minute technology is mastered - things have moved on and whilst are very lucky to have the equipment that we do, we are a large school and often the equipment we have is just not enough for pupils to use.

Currently we are fundraising for new iPads and laptops and if a large donation comes our way we would be keen to replace some of the classroom whiteboards too, this would mean each class had the same modern technology.

Our very wonderful ICT Technician is always on hand with spares and repairs and we have every intention of continuing with our fix and refresh attitude. We understand that technology and resources of this cost are not disposable, but to increase our resources would only increase pupils experience at school and after all... we think our pupils deserve everything!

If you feel able to support this project, please do make a donation using the link below - no amount is too small and every single penny will be used to support the replacement and/or upgrading of technology. If you know of anyone else (business or person) who would like to make a donation please do contact

Please click here to make a voluntary donation to Technology.